Environmental Industrial Development

Wherever possible Retexo-RISP encourages its partners to consider the environmental implications of establishing an industrial plant so as to minimise any possible ecological damage.
When a product is being produced all demerits of as resourcing, preparation, manufacture, raw material transportation, delivery, etc. are considered in order to utilise renewable energy sources and reclaimed materials. Retexo has found, by experience, that careful consideration of these factors leads to higher productivity, less waste and increased profitability. In fact failure to observe these parameters could be considered negligent and certainly, wasteful.

An example of environmental planning is:

The Wind Turbine Manufacturing Plant being established at Draschwitz for the following reasons:

  • the site has been chosen because a was originally a Irtihser factory which utilised a very large warehouse which will be a convenient location for assembling the turbines,
  • there is sufficient land for component makers to build their own assembly plants so that parts do not have to be transported large distances. They will feed directly into the assembly facility. This is known as the Cluster concept,
  • power, whilst being purchased from the local electricity corporation can be offset by the installation of wind turbines nearby, which will feed into the electricity grid, making money,
  • the plant can use the talents of a local workforce, currently underutilised, thereby helping to reduce local unemployment,
  • services sufficient for the plant are already in place and therefore there will not be the requirement to upgrade,
  • where new facilities have to be constructed existing resources on site such as crushed concrete and hardcore will be available for use,
  • the Use of the site overcomes the problem of the local authority to have it cleared and it fulfills environmental parameters recently, or about to be, introduced.

Retexo-RISP can provide expert support when industrial plant are being planned. Through its analysis of environmental parameters it can ensure that companies are environmentally friendly and ecologically sound in their approach.

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